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the balanced body and soul

Wellness Weekend

Who's Ready for a weekend of 

B A L A N C E D   B L I S S

Who needs a


YEAAA.. I feel ya!

Hawks Cay and Balanced Soul Resets are here to                                             and help you hit                         


Life throws some MAJOR curve balls sometimes, Right?! Learning to "let go" of your life "plans" of how life is "supposed" to be.. IS HARD!!!!  


Sometimes our soul needs a Reset Button.. and if you're like me, you might feel like you could use it often.


My life,  just like so many, has consisted of heartache, loss, loneliness, confusion, anxiety, depression, fear, and all the in between.  It's definitely been a journey.  Through growth in meditation, awareness, and body movement (fun fitness),  my journey is more so consists of love. faith. triumph. motivation. clarity. .. and keeping this headspace in all circumstances.


I can't wait to share my joy and fun outdoor healthy adventures with you!  Join me for, A BALANCED BODY & SOUL Wellness weekend.  Retreats have been such a blessing in my own life. It doesn't matter if I’m leading or if I’m purely attending to enrich my soul, there is just something about the enlightenment you can openly receive when you allow yourself that freedom.

 AND My goal? To bring you one step closer to you finding your peace.

See you there!


ready? us too.

Check out this lineup


at a glance

A slight glance of what your weekend will look like, in no specific order and so much more!! 

  • Paddle Platform Balanced 

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

  • Breathing / Meditation Exercises 

  • Free Time!

  • 2 excursions

      -Boat Day - breath ups, free-diving 

         techniques ocean play 

      -Bike Balanced Circuit Ride

  • Campfire Sit, Sip, and flip

  • Free Time!

  • Organic Natural Tye Dye Session

  • Move your Body Night

  • Aroma Touch Self Workshop

  • Balanced Bonding Exercise



Satisfy your Soul


hawks p2.jpg

a serenity weekend

Eyes closed. Hands open. Gentle guided breathing. Sun delightfully warming your skin. Body flowing in guided Lengthening Stretches.

(Free Dive / Ocean Water Breath Meditation) Crystal clear warm water gazing over your entire body washing away life's worries. Eyes awakened by the ocean's lively world. 

(Meditation) Opening your heart and digging deep to release and rejuvenate.

(Art Workshop) The beauty of earth's colors stains your hands as laughter and art fills the balanced space.

(Aroma Touch Workshop) Organic Essential oils enlightens our senses and relaxes our minds, bodies, and souls as we learn how bring awareness to our moods and guide our hands to apply aroma therapy touch to ourselves and others.


Loving ourselves so we can share our love with so much light of inner peace. 

  • Discounted Hawks Hotel / Villa Rate 
  • 1 snack style healthy breakfast
  • 3 Yoga classes 
  • 3 Meditation classes
  • 2-3 BBS Outdoor Fitness Obstacles / Yoga 
  • Aroma Touch Workshop
  • Dance Party 
  • Free Dive DEMO - snorkel boat ride
  • Art Workshop 
  • Mindfulness Workshop
  • Sponsor Package
  • FOOD (on site restaurants and free delivery with instacart)
  • ROOMS (booked separately with Hawks Cay Resort- discounted rooms/villas available)
  • Dolphin Excursions (please see Hawks Cay Resort website)

Arianne's Tips:

  • Hit up the grocery store before coming (nearest publix is 20min away), or feel free to take advantage of Hawk's insta cart service.

  • Due to COVID 19, please be cautious and courteous to all retreat attendees. Also, please see the Hawks Cay Resort's website for the resort guidelines.

  • If you'd like to share a villa with another attendee, please notify me so I can add you to the list. 

I would love for you to take a chance on yourself.  Join me and my like-minded crew as we draw in the elements to enlighten our senses.  A weekend of  "balanced" flow, paddle board yoga, organic art, dancing, free time, intro to free diving - physically and mentally, and more. 


Free your mind from the noise in the crisp turquoise water surrounding Duck Key.  

Free your body as we dance in tune with our free spirit.

Free your soul as you accept rejuvenation and healing.


Balanced BS Founder / Wellness Influencer

Arianne Rohmann

"Balanced" creator - turning your workout into an adventure for your body and mind through a combination of meditation, nature, and physical body exercise. 


Momma, Fitness Instructor, Self Motivator, Element Driven, Hugger, Freediver,  Professional at Turning Pain in to Positivity, Adventure Seeker, Dancer of all Music, Spiritual Seeker, My Story Teller, Soul Resetter


yoga 200 RYT

Stephanie V

Adventurer, yogi, surfer, snowboarder...


This is my girl!!

Steph and I have teamed up before leading One Massive Soul Reset.  Her love for gentle yoga and mindfulness, flows well with the energy of The Balanced Body Soul Adventures.   We feed off each others vibes!  We have learned that, together we create a retreat full of a self journey in staying present.   

Image by Chelsea shapouri

aroma touch specialist

Renee Jones

wife, momma, surfer, holistic esthetician.

My own spiritual guru, Renee connects the mind, body and spirit through the power of aromatherapy and touch.  

Together we will guide you how to support your healthy stress, immune, and inflammatory response in the body all while achieving a state of overall wellness and balance through homeostasis.







Silent Santa Social
Dec 18, 2020, 6:20 PM
Downtown Eau Gallie (Christmas Tree)
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