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3 Days of Nourishing Your Soul

"Old tunes on the radio, camping gear in the back..

may or may not have ever set up a tent before.  It doesn't matter.

Leaving behind reality.  This weekend is for me.. my soul.. my

mind.  I'm going to flow through these next 3 days.  Glide under

the cold water to feel my skin awaken and hear the silence.. oh

the essence of the views above and below the water.  The tribe

here is spot on.  Laughter.  Unity.  Emotional Bliss as we

strengthen and lengthen our bodies with guided rotations of

yoga and balance.  Dancing barefoot around the campfire, bulb

lights dully shine under the half lit moon and glistening stars.

 This is exactly what I needed."  -me   Yes.YOU. 

this is ONE MASSIVE SOUL RESET.. It's going to be Rad!

Ginnie Springs, Fl)

October, 2020

What's Included ?

  • 3 days, 2 nights (campsite included)
  • 2 Breakfast (Saturday & Sunday)
  • BBQ dinner Saturday Evening
  • 2 Yoga & Meditation classes
  • 2 Balanced Body & Soul Fitness Circuit
  • Free Dive DEMO 
  • Cold Water Therapy 
  • Aroma Therapy Workshop
  • Acro Yoga Play
  • Mindfulness Workshop
  • Camper Care Package
soul reset flyer.PNG

Not Included

  • lunches 
  • snorkel/ free dive gear (mask, snorkel, fins)
  • dinner for Friday 

What to Pack


last year's highlights (September 2019)

  • tent

  • pillow and blankets

  • hammock/ sleeping bag/ air mattress

  • bug spray

  • toiletries

  • towel(s)

  • water canteen (plastic free if can be)

  • yoga / workout attire (x 3 or desired)

  • snorkel gear 

  • swimsuit / wetsuit if desired (chilly but bearable to most)

  • your lunch for Saturday

  • yoga mat

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