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choose your vitamin D

Here at the Balanced Body & Soul, we've been blessed with an incredible location for our workouts.. I call it "Mother Nature".

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saltwater aroma. sandy toes.

vitamin sea.

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Beach Flow : Rip & Drift
In a salty setting, we will focus on a

variety of body and light weight exercise,

including TRX training.  
We'll Rip through a serene strengthening sequence, drifting down to a peaceful, lengthening stretch and mindful exercise, the BalancedBS way.


Equipment based, yet a unique

circuit throughout the park.  

We will guide you through an eccentric circuit routine, that will have you feeling like you're back on the playground!


partially shaded.

lush views.


adventure days ??

heck yes!

trip to the springs? keys? bahamas? You bet.  I or a trusted Balanced coach would love to guide your mini vaycay.  Let's talk deets.


organic balance. oh-la-ah views. focused movement. element driven.

This is my absolute favorite session to teach.  A truly organic approach to connecting with the elements in our surrounding.  We will tap into your senses with an extremely mindful approach, finding balance physically and mentally.  

Oh, by the way, it's on the water!  Using premium state of the art inflatable mats, I'll guide you through a fluid yet powerful exercise through visualization and your own senses. 

How it works:

2 Flow Mats 

(Up to 5 Persons Max)

Water location is set up directly with instructor.​

Starting with a light warm-up, we will paddle together through a serene surrounding. Breathing through core, strengthening, and lengthening exercise and ending with a light balanced yoga on the flow mats.  

With this session comes 2 different options. 

Option 1:

1 1/2 - 2 hour session

Drop-in reservations.. Reserve your spot and show up for the basic Balanced Class.

Option 2:

2-3 hour session.

Pre-Booked for your Tribe. As stated in the Home Page under the "Choose Your Company" forum, this is where BALANCED AND BUBBLY comes in to play.

Parellel to the vibes of option 1, with some added fun.  At the end of our paddle sash, we will come back to solid ground. Awaiting you, will be Healthy Treats, Bonding games and Journaling, as well as your style bev.. Champagne Kombucha or whatever floats ya boat.

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